Cristian Adam

2016 Building Future Technologies


What makes you a Difference Maker?

I focus on solving problems, whether they be my own projects, helping others find jobs, tinkering with robotics, or anything in between, I enjoy digging into interesting challenges. I am willing to go out and help anyone in the community with anything I can - from all sorts of technical issues from troubleshooting to designing a new feature or organizing events and making sure all the fliers are posted, RSVPS are out, food is ordered, and the event runs smoothly. I genuinely want to make things better for everyone, and am willing to work on whatever is needed to make it so.

Campus Achievements:

I am currently involved in the Intelligent Systems Club as its Vice President. For the ISC I am an active member on both the business teams and coordinate our club’s purchases to ensure the process goes smoothly, and also on the PR team and help guide the interaction between our new faculty advisor, Professor Samir Rawashdeh, and our members – both fresh recruits and seasoned veterans. I am also active in the Creative Computing Club, and like to dabble in their game development workshops. I have been involved as an undergraduate research assistant working on wearable technologies at U of M Dearborn.

Leadership Experiences:

As the Vice President of the Intelligent Systems club, I have helped organize and teach our training program for this semester where we teach robotics from the ground up in a weekly session, with all the aspects of electrical, mechanical, and programming combined into one goal: building intelligent robots. I am also active in the planning of the large Engineering Experience Day competition that is hosted yearly by U of M Dearborn – last year I was a game master, and this year I have built and tested sample robots, developed rules, am will be a judge in the robotics competition.

What is your Dream Career?

I dream of someday ending up in a job that combines my problem-solving abilities and my passions for building things. I would want something that allows me flexibility as far as being able to rapidly change to newly discovered technology such as what I experienced when I learned about the 3d printers at U of M Dearborn and went on to learn how to design and print 3D models over the summer. Lastly and most importantly I would want to make sure that I am able to make an impact in the world by improving the lives of people with my work.

What is your most defining moment at UM-Dearborn?

My most defining moment at U of M Dearborn was when I joined the Intelligent Systems Club – before I officially joined, I was already friends with several members, and although it seemed like a logical next step, I did not anticipate the rewarding experience that it would turn into. I ended up with solid, concrete goals to work towards, whereas before I was almost blindly tinkering for fun, I ended up finding a true purpose of helping not just myself but also others reach more challenging objectives and become a better engineer in the process by justifying design decisions and benefitting from the multiple sources of input that comes with a larger team of skilled colleagues.