Daniela Gomez Zubieta

2016 Committed to Research


What makes you a Difference Maker?

I strive to make an impact in whatever I do. On campus I have contributed to the Natural Science community. As a Supplemental Instructor (SI), I have worked to create an environmental of mutual learning in my SI session. Similarly, as a Teaching Assistant (TA) for cellular biology lab I have worked with students and aided in their learning of cell culture techniques. I have also worked to provide educational resources regarding medical school as well as the research opportunities available on campus as a Phi Delta Epsilon member and research student. Additionally, with my work with Amnesty International, I have contributed to the civic and world citizen mentality of our campus as a whole. This university has given me so many opportunities thanks to the teachers and mentors that are so willing to help students succeed. It has allowed me to follow both my interests in human rights as well as basic science research. For this reason, I have been able to excel in my research and plan to carry the values I have learned here with me to future endeavors such has my participation in John Hopkin’s 2016 Summer Research Internship Program.

Campus Achievements:

I am an executive board member of Amnesty International and have worked to improve campus awareness of national and international human rights issues ranging from the Detroit Water Shutoffs to Syrian Refugees. As a chair in Phi Delta Epsilon, I have contributed to the pre-medical community by helping set up events such as a financial aid workshop for students to become aware of funding options for medical school. I have participated in poster sessions at events such as the Natural Science Colloquium, which have allowed me to contribute to student interest in natural science research. I also received a Student Leadership Award for my participation in Alternative Spring Break my sophomore year. Additionally, I am grateful to have been placed on the Dean’s List every semester of my time at this university as well had the opportunity to be part of our campus Honors Program.

Leadership Experiences:

As a programming Chair for Phi Delta Epsilon I have gained experience in delegating tasks and organizing events to benefit our pre-medical students. Similarly as an executive board member of Amnesty International delegated tasks to generally body members in order to make events go smoothly. This position has also involved contacting possible speakers and organizing educational events. Additionally, I was as a senior lab student in a Cellular and Molecular Biology lab where I explained lab procedures to newer students and was involved in keeping the lab in order and making sure chemicals were ordered when needed. As a TA for cellular biology I also helped teach students proper cell culture technique, wrote protocols for students and prepared materials needed for the lab. Additionally, as an SI leader I demonstrate good study habits and aid students in learning the class material.

Off campus I am a competitor and referee in Judo, which involves helping run local events and teaching judo to beginners and younger children in my club.

What is your Dream Career?

My dream is to obtain a MD/PHD. I would like to have a career in the medical field that enables me to both work directly with patients and do translational research that can eventually make an impact on treatments of the diseases that I will be encountering as a doctor. I want to develop treatment options instead of just implementing them. I am particularly interested in basic science research and the mechanisms behind neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s Disease.

In addition to scholarly work, I hope to be able to continue my humanitarian work by bettering access to health care both domestically and internationally. I would like to participate in a program such as Doctors Without Borders.

What was a Defining Moment at UM-Dearborn?

My first poster presentation at the Natural Science Colloquium was a very defining moment for me. I was very nervous to present but I thoroughly enjoyed explaining my research to other interested students as well as hearing about their research. This lit a spark as I became more and more animated while explaining my research. Consequently this has led to my decision to pursue entrance into a MD/PHD program . The opportunities I have received to do both cellular/molecular biology research as well as organic chemistry research have allowed me to further my bench work skills and explore my interdisciplinary interests. This has helped me find what I am truly passionate about