Erica Bachran

2015 Dedicated Leader


What makes you a Difference Maker?

I believe that I am a difference maker at UM-Dearborn because of the high level of involvement I’ve had on our campus. People make an impact on something when they are willing to do the hard work and push themselves into challenges. Whether it is through philanthropic work, the organizations I was a member of, or starting an organization on campus, I have always been willing to do the hard work and strived to encourage others to do the same. I am always excited to start a new challenge and to make something successful, which translated into successful events and stronger organizations for other students. I believe all of the dedication and effort I put into UM-Dearborn throughout my time here has had a strong positive impact on our campus and has made a difference.

Campus Achievements:

Throughout my time at the University of Michigan-Dearborn I have been actively involved in many organizations. My first involvement on campus came from joining Phi Sigma Sigma, a social sorority. I then expanded my campus involvement by joining the National Society of Leadership and Success where I received the National Engaged Leadership award. I was also a justice on the Panhellenic Judicial Board and a member of the Order of Omega Honor Society. I’ve also done various philanthropic work on campus, including MLK Day the past three years. As a College of Business student majoring in human resources management and finance, I noticed a lack of an organization for students who were interested in HR, and because of that I helped to create the Society for Human Resources Management student chapter at UM-Dearborn. After becoming president of SHRM I partnered with the Internship & Career Management Center to create the Student Mock Interviewer program to help HR students get practice giving interviews and to help other students get practice being interviewed. During my time as SHRM president I also served on the College of Business Dean Balakrishnan’s student advisory board.

Leadership Experiences:

While attending the University of Michigan-Dearborn I held multiple leadership positions. As a member of the social sorority Phi Sigma Sigma I served on the executive board as the Panhellenic delegate and the bursar (treasurer). I was also on the executive council as formal committee chair and the bursar’s assistant. I also served as a Justice on the Panhellenic Judicial Board which is an organization within the Panhellenic Council. My final leadership position at UM-Dearborn was serving as a founding member and President of the Society for Human Resources Management. I served as President for my senior year until graduating in December 2015.

What is your Dream Career?

My dream career is to be an executive in a Fortune 500 company. More specifically, I would like to become the Vice President of Human Resources in a large corporation with a strong emphasis on human capital. I would love to work for companies like Disney, Ford, Google, or Boston Consulting Group where employee relations is held in high regards. Working in companies like these will allow my goal of having a big impact on the business world to become a reality. Through my education at the University of Michigan-Dearborn and knowledge gained in the College of Business, I am confident in my ability to achieve these goals.

What was your Most Defining Moment at UM-Dearborn?

I believe my most defining moment at the University of Michigan-Dearborn was when I first joined Phi Sigma Sigma. Until that point I had not been involved in anything on campus and was not having the real college experience. Many students make the mistake of just coming to campus to go to class and then go home. I didn’t want to continue having that limited experience, and decided to change it. It would go on to be the best choice I made at UM-Dearborn because of how much I grew as a person and the experiences I have had. Once I joined Phi Sigma Sigma I became much more involved on campus, met more people, developed exceptional skills, and became a better person. Without making this choice, I would not have been involved in any of the other organizations I was involved in and would not have founded an organization myself.