Freda Shatara

2015 A Passion for Education


What makes you a Difference Maker?

I believe I am a difference maker because of the passion I have in the classroom. While teaching, I view each child as an individual and do what I can to have each child reach their highest potential. I have learned about positive-guidance, Constructivism, and a multitude of other strategies to use in the classroom from all of my mentors at UM-Dearborn. All that I have learned I have taken into consideration when I teach my students and when I am teaching the children in my community. Aside from teaching at the ECEC, I have spent my last three summers tutoring children with learning disabilities in math. I am able to create a program based on each child and use intervention strategies to help each child succeed. Although I have graduated, this is something I love to do and plan on continuing in the summers to come.

Campus Achievements:

Throughout my time on campus, I have had the pleasure of achieving University Honors all 4 years. I was also named a James B. Angell Scholar in 2014 and 2015. At the time of graduation, I was also named the Chancellor's Medallion recipient for CHESS. Aside from my academic achievements, I have worked with SMEA and the Read to Me Program throughout my time as an undergraduate.

Leadership Experiences:

On campus, I have had the honor to be a staff member of the Early Childhood Education Center. I am now a Lead-Teacher of a toddler classroom, but I spent many years as a Teacher Assistant and staff before I completed my degree. I had the pleasure of working with many driven educators who have taught me so much about myself as a teacher and shaped my teaching philosophy. I have also been able to work with new teachers, exposing them to the Reggio-Emilia philosophy of the ECEC.

What is your Dream Career?

My dream career is to teach 2nd grade in my hometown of Livonia. I learned so much from my teachers growing up and would love the chance to go back and make the same difference to my students. My long term life goal would be to come back to UM-Dearborn and teach Math Education courses.

What was a Defining Moment at UM-Dearborn?

I have had many amazing moments during my time at UM-Dearborn, but the most defining moment was during my student teaching experience. I had a wonderful cooperating teacher and with only two weeks into the school-year, she allowed me to take over her classroom. I began implementing Daily 5, Everyday Math and other programs into the curriculum. Her confidence in my teaching and the progress shown by my students were the main factors that truly let me believe I chose the right profession.