Jacqueline Donnelly

2016 A Generous Spirit


What makes you a Difference Maker?

What makes me a Difference Maker is that I strive to help students build on their leadership, skills especially in the student organizations that I am a part of currently. One of the things I think is an important aspect of being a student is also being actively engaged in the events each organization offers, even if I am not currently a part of that student organization. By working with other student organizations like student government and a local Girl Scout Troop we have been able to provide some good service initiatives, which include cards for foster children and collecting winter clothes for the homeless. Collaborating and supporting student group’s efforts to improve the campus and community is a big priority in helping students to grow as the leaders and best that they are. There are many opportunities available for students to get involved on campus and in the community and I try to be a part of those opportunities and share them with others as much as I can.

Campus Achievements:

I received the Military Officer Association of America ROTC medal for demonstrating exceptional potential for military leadership as a member of the Reserve Officer Training Corp. I also received the National Engaged Leader Award for going above and beyond the induction requirements and completing community service offered by the Society during the Allen Park Relay for Life. The National Society of Leadership and Success also awarded me the Excellence in Service to Students for providing support for students to become engaged student leaders in the National Society. As current executive Chair of the UM-Dearborn Chapter of the National Society of Leadership and Success, I incorporate the inducted members into the events with new members to provide mentorship and facilitate discussions to help develop leaders at the grassroots level. By doing this we are able to keep those members involved and give them an opportunity to develop themselves and others on campus.

Leadership Experiences:

Leadership positions I currently hold are the Executive Chair of the National Society of Leadership and Success, Treasurer of the Association of Women Veterans, ROTC Liaison for Student Veterans Association and S1 (Adjutant Officer) for the University of Michigan ROTC program, which encompasses the 3 UM campuses as well as a other local universities, including Wayne State University. As Executive Chair it has been my goal to bring in inducted members to help the new members in completing the requirements for induction to the society. One of these requirements I feel is most important is the leadership training that all members have to attend. During this training members get to know and share experiences within smaller groups as well as with the large group. With the help of the Executive Board members I also assist Career Services with their events, including career fairs, employer information sessions, and Girls are IT. Girls are IT is a workshop that promotes women in STEM fields by bringing in girls from 4th-12th grade to the Dearborn campus. As a member of the Army ROTC program I served as the Command Sergeant Major for the first semester and have since changed to being the Adjutant Officer. My responsibilities include keeping track of the cadets currently enrolled in the program and keep accountability of those who will be at each training event. I also serve as a Precinct Delegate for the Michigan Democratic Party in the City of Inkster.

What is your Dream Career?

When I graduate I am going into the Army for a minimum of 4 years as a Logistics Officer. My dream career is to work in a federal agency like the Federal Bureau of Investigation as either a special agent or investigative specialist, CIA, or in Human Resources. I have always been interested in working for the government and I feel that I would fit well into either area. If I am not able to work in government for any reason I would want to work in Human Resources. I like the idea of helping companies and employees resolve issues that either party may have. They provide an important function as a part of every organization and I feel that I would be a great asset in that area. These areas not only are something that I would like to work in but are also diverse areas I feel I would do well in.

What was your Defining Moment at UM-Dearborn?

My defining moment at the University was when I joined the Executive Board of the National Society of Leadership and Success as the Success Networking Team Coordinator. At that point in time I felt I was just beginning to experience different opportunities the University has to offer. I was not only helping the Committee to prepare for the coming induction in November 2014, but also helping to plan the first Veteran Scholarship fundraiser dinner happening during the same month. During that semester I was really starting to get involved more on campus and doing my best academically as well. I think another defining moment was having the opportunity to talk and congratulate the 117 inducted members and their family members during the induction ceremony with about 220 people in attendance. It signaled the members completing of the induction requirements and they had the opportunity to celebrate that accomplishment with their families. It was the first time I had to speak in front of a large group like that. It was an amazing experience, to say the least.