Kathryn Thomas

Pioneering Inclusion


Kathryn Thomas will know her mission is complete when she has worked herself out of a job.

The international studies student has a passion for fighting for the rights of the minority and hopes to work as an inclusion director – until the time when that job is no longer necessary. Currently, as she works to make University of Michigan-Dearborn a more inclusive place for all, Kathryn is recognized as a “Difference Maker.”

“Since the day I stepped foot on campus, I knew I wanted to change the world somehow,” she said. “When I became more aware of what was going on politically, I decided to stand up and do something about what was happening in the community and on campus.”

To that end, Kathryn serves as co-president of the Gender and Sexuality Alliance and is a member of Phi Sigma Sigma sorority, working to tear down destructive stereotypes within the Greek system.

Kathryn also helps usher in new classes of UM-Dearborn students. With her warm personality and accepting demeanor, she was a natural choice to serve as an orientation leader and Wolverines Orientation Wilderness trip leader.

For Kevin Lewtschanyn, assistant director for orientation programs of UM-Dearborn, Kathryn was the ideal candidate for this job, “There is no better person to welcome new individuals to our community than Kathryn. She embraces differences and diversity in a way that allows for everyone to feel welcomed, included and important.”