Maria Rodriguez

2016 Scholar Athlete


What makes you a Difference Maker?

I believe that my dedication, commitment to excellence and involvement on campus make me a UM-Dearborn Difference Maker. Over the past four years here, I have taken on many different roles in various organizations. I love to get involved, meet new people, give back to the community, and share new experiences. The University of Michigan-Dearborn has allowed me to do just that! Besides taking on multiple active roles on campus, I have always held academics as a top priority. I have made the Dean’s List every semester and I was recently chosen as the College of Business Supply Chain Management Honors Scholar for 2016.

Campus Achievements:

I am a student-athlete and a captain on the UM-Dearborn women’s varsity softball team. Playing this sport for the past four years has taught me discipline, teamwork and how to work hard to achieve your goals. I am also a member of Phi Mu Fraternity serving on the executive board. As treasurer, I handle all incoming and outgoing finance for members and chapter activities, and I compose the budget for the year. Other student organizations that I am currently involved in include Supply Chain Association and Love Your Melon Campus Crew. I am a member of the Order of Omega Honor Society and was chosen as the 2016 Honors Scholar for my program.

Leadership Activities:

I have taken on multiple leadership roles on and off campus. The first leadership role I took on was as an orientation leader. I am grateful for the experience I gained in that position, from public speaking to just breaking out of my shell a bit. Since then, I have gained leadership experience in student organizations and in my work/internship roles outside of school. Lastly, I make an effort to take a leadership role in the classroom on a regular basis. I am a strong believer that taking the lead on semester projects is a great way to prepare for the corporate environment post-graduation. It teaches you how to be thorough in your work, delegate, and set milestones (time management).

What is your Dream Job?

My dream job is to work as a supply chain executive at a top corporation. I have always been attracted to big cities and I would love a role that allowed me to travel. Overall, I just want to work for a company with an organizational environment that is a good fit. I am excited to gain new experiences, apply what I have learned in school, and grow as a professional within my field. In addition to my professional objectives, it is a goal of mine to continue giving back to the community and helping those in need. I hope to find a role within a non-profit organization where I can achieve this.

What was a Defining Moment at UM-Dearborn?

My most defining moment at UM-Dearborn has to be just recently being chosen as the Honors Scholar for the College of Business Supply Chain Management Program this semester. Although I have mentioned this a few times already, I feel truly honored to be selected by the faculty in my program. Receiving this recognition proves that hard work really does pay off. There are times where I can feel overwhelmed by the extensive “to do” list written in my planner – especially between school, athletics, and additional commitments. This was a very motivating reminder to keep putting in the extra effort to achieve my goals!