Matthew Myers

2016 Building Campus Community


What makes you a Difference Maker?

What makes me a Difference Maker is that I wake up each and every day and spend most of my day on campus trying to make not only my organization as good as it could possibly be, but also strive to try to help and make every student around me feel as though they are part of the campus community.

Campus Achievements:

My achievements on campus primarily come from campus organizations such as Phi Sigma Phi, Student Activities Board and Student Government. However, I also think a big achievement was getting to work in the Office for Student Engagement and getting to interact and help students from all areas of campus that I would not have met otherwise.

Leadership Experiences:

My leadership experiences come from student organizations, classes and internships. I am a former senator and held a chair position in Student Government; I was vice president and president of Student Activities Board; and I was recruitment chair and president of Phi Sigma Phi. Working in leadership positions in student organizations has given me the opportunity to see different perspectives and styles of leadership and work on bringing everything together to work as a group. I also got the chance to learn a lot of valuable lessons from my internship with the Taylor Police Department and from being a leader in group projects for different classes.

What is your Dream Career?

My goal is to eventually graduate from law school and become a practicing attorney at a firm. However, when I graduate I'm going to work on getting a paralegal certificate and working for a year or two before going to law school.

What was a Defining Moment at UM-Dearborn?

My most defining moment on campus would be the first day that I walked into the office of the coordinator for Greek life. That day led to me becoming more involved on campus than I had been before—from joining Greek life to eventually getting a job in the Office for Student Engagement, working on the Homecoming Committee and the Victors for UM-Dearborn campaign.