Quintin Solano

2017 A Helping Spirit


What makes you a Difference Maker?

I believe what makes me a Difference Maker is my work ethic and morals. I grew up in a family where hard work and sacrifice was the norm. My father and mother have worked their entire lives to give me the opportunity at an education. My mom being a nurse sparked my interest in medicine, however, they both supported me in any decision I made. I was raised to never forget where you came from with a large emphasis of family. My family is my support system and without them I would not be able to make a difference in anyone’s life. They have all taught me to take care of others around me as well as myself and if you are on your way someplace to help other people get there as well. Through my family I have learned that hard work will take you anywhere and to never leave family or your loved ones behind; to always remember to give back to those that need it, and always keep love, passion, and family in your heart. My family helped me build my work ethic and morals and with those qualities I am a Difference Maker.

Campus Achievements:

I have made the dean’s list multiple times over my three years here on campus, and over those years I have had the honor to take part in research and many great organizations. I currently am involved in organic chemistry research and literature research in analytical chemistry. Phi Delta Epsilon is a pre-med professional fraternity on campus and this year I was humbled to be elected as their VP of Finance. Through this position I was afforded the opportunity to take part in leading the fraternity and making decisions that affect the entire general body. I am also a part of Global Brigades and will be helping to lead the next brigade in the year 2017. The Supplemental Instruction Leader program here on campus is one I am very proud to be involved with as well. As an SI leader, I have the opportunity to help peers understand the course material they are currently learning and offer them assistance, tips, and advice on excelling in that course.

Leadership Experiences:

I had the pleasure to help lead and formulate a project at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan over the summer of 2015, along with another student from the university.

Coaching is also a strong passion of mine. I helped coach multiple CrossFit classes and coach little league football as well. Having the amazing opportunity to have a positive influence on people’s lives as a leader has awarded me the chance to give back to others like my coaches gave to me when I was younger.

In the fraternity Phi Delta Epsilon we have multiple executive board position, and I was grateful to be elected as the Vice President of Finance this year. This position affords me the opportunity to help lead alongside a great group of people and help the fraternity grow and reach new heights each semester.

What is your Dream Career?

My dream is to become a medical doctor. I have had an interest in medicine since I was very young and have taken the time to stray off the medical path to look at other fields of interest. Even after exploring other fields and career opportunities I have ended up right back where I started in medicine. Medical doctors have earned the opportunity to change people’s lives no matter what field of medicine they choose to specialize in. I want to become a doctor to positively influence people’s lives, not only for the moments they are with me but to also give them the tools and knowledge to live healthy lives beyond my treatment. Educating patients as a medical doctor is of the highest importance, and I believe that through educating my patients on their disease and on disease prevention I can truly make a difference in the way people live their lives.

What was a Defining Moment at UM-Dearborn?

To say I have a single defining moment here on campus would be crazy in my mind. I have been gifted with so many great opportunities both on and off campus that not one of those moments could define me. If I had to choose one moment, I would choose the Wolverines on the Run 5K that we, the Wishmakers, organized and put together. Without the collaboration and hard work of everybody on the executive board, general body, and faculty from around campus it would not have been possible. The race was put on to raise funds and awareness for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. This moment is defining for me because we as an organization came together with everyone that helped us on campus and put on a beautiful and successful event. All of our hard work went towards an amazing and beautiful cause, which is what I loved about the event and why I believe it defines me.