Samuel Parks

2016 Going the Distance


What makes you a Difference Maker?

I believe what has made me a Difference Maker is the unique opportunities that my time at Michigan-Dearborn has afforded me. These opportunities have almost exclusively happened because of the hard work and investment of others in myself. I am very blessed to have had so many people to work with and help me grow as an individual.

Campus Achievements:

In terms of academics I have managed to get two degrees in Mathematics and Economics at 150 credits while maintaining a 3.83 GPA. Outside the classroom I have been involved through my time in Student Government and running. I was a member of our Cross Country team where I would train with 80 miles a week and ended my career leading my team in conferences. While in Student Government I have worked to increase funding for athletics and student organizations, worked to refine the election guidelines, and refurbished the constitution. The ultimate moment of my time in Student Government has been this past year as Vice President, where I have chaired meetings and worked on the many initiatives Student Government accomplished this year.

Leadership Experiences:

My leadership experience began while in high school in Boy Scouts where I was senior patrol leader and worked my way to becoming an eagle scout. While on campus, my time spent in Student Government has been my focus. Outside of school, I grew as a leader working at JD Power. JD Power was the first time I became part of a team. At the Washtenaw Public Defender's office, I worked hand in hand with a lawyer and his clients.

What is your Dream Career?

My dream career is to be a successful student at Michigan Law, and translate this success into a promising legal career. I would hope to work the private sector in Wayne county until I garnered enough experience to work at the Department of Justice or another government job, with the hopes of becoming a federal prosecutor. I would also love to incorporate politics into my future, and plan to be involved.

What is your most Defining Moment at UM-Dearborn?

My most defining experience is not a point, but rather the relationships I have formed while I have been involved. From my friends at cross country who have pushed me to be a better runner, to my friends that helped foster the growth of my faith though interfaith events like Fast-A-Thon, to my friends who held me to a high standard in Student Government. Both their facilitation of me as a leader and their company have been the most important moment for me.