Thomas Boik

2017 The French Connoisseur


What makes you a Difference Maker?

I think reaching out to the campus makes me a Difference Maker; I do this by talking to peers on campus about their normal day and trying to make their day better. Right now I am a mentor in the French Department. I really like to help the students with the learning of the language. Not only do I want them to succeed, but I want them to be proud of their new found language skills. I try my best to make sure any questions they have are answered and that they understand those answers. I also am part of a couple of student organizations on campus. French Club would have to be the one I am most involved in. It is a tight-knit group. I feel like I am making a difference just in this group by being friendly and caring about the members of the French Club. I feel like by talking to my peers one on one and trying to help them, I am changing the campus, and making a difference one University of Michigan-Dearborn student at a time.

Campus Achievements:

In my years that I have been at this university I have been on the Dean’s List 8 times. I have received 1st prize in beginning French, 2nd prize in intermediate French, 1st prize in advance French, and a prize of advanced Spanish. I have also received a Synergy Certificate from the Student Leadership Awards. I became a member of the Pi Delta Phi, La Société Honoraire de Français. This year I became the French Honors recipient. I have been a part of many clubs like French Club, League of Extraordinary Poets, and Pride. Now one of the greatest achievements is being part of the Difference Makers.

Leadership Experiences:

Most of my leadership experiences have been on campus. I have been vice-president, and president of French Club where we go to French restaurants and have an annual Mardi Gras party. I have been vice-president and treasurer of the League of extraordinary poets where we held poetry workshops and Dr. Seuss days for little kids. I am also a mentor in the French department where I assist the French 102 professors teach French and tutor students learning the language. I’ve been on a couple of boards like the InCLUDE steering committee. Outside of school I have been an assistant youth director at Woodhaven Lanes, helping kids learn how to bowl.

What is your Dream Career?

I have two main goals in my life. One I am working for academically is my dream career goal. I would like to be a teacher in a public high school. I am currently working towards this goal by obtaining my degree in Education. I want to teach the future citizens of the United States about the World though languages. I want to help each student open their eyes and see the beautiful world we live in. My other goal is to see that world, experience the tango in Argentina, taste the wine in France, lay on the sunny beach of Martinique, and eat the tasty tapas in Spain.

What was your Most Defining Moment at UM-Dearborn?

I feel like my most defining moment at the University of Michigan-Dearborn was when my professors asked me to be a mentor of the French Department. I felt as though all my hard work had paid off and that I had made an impression on my professors that led them to think that I would be a good teacher. I was so happy that they would spend their time helping me grow into the person I wanted to be. Spending time with them and learning how to be a good teacher made an impression on me that I could make a difference for each student. I am so grateful to the mesdames in my life.